032 – Straight Outta Leftovers

SPECIAL ELECTION EPISODE: They said we couldn’t do it. They said “Chris won’t get out of bed.” “Mike won’t want to smell Chris’s apartment” “Chris will get defensive about his smells.” Well guess the shit... Read More

030 – The Angryboi Power Hour

WARNING: We are very cranky in this episode. Why? We listen to interdimensional galaxy brain Bill Maher talk to Bari Weiss about the rise of anti-Semitism and let’s just say they have some scorching hot... Read More

028 – The Family’s Bravest Warrior

Hello, little pod children. In this ep we talk about: Yacht Rock; the thing with Jeff aka Jeffy-boy on Chris’s FB; the NYC blackout; Mike’s 101-degree fever; finally, Meghan McCain and the View discuss politics... Read More
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