037 – The Wretched Inspector

**Whoops! We lost this episode in between the seats. If some topics are dated, well, you’re dated, how about that!!??! Hello friends. Be wretched with us as we discuss: Metaphysics with a real-life Opus Dei... Read More

035 – More Like Scrooge McFuck, imo

…you kids wanna see a dead body? Well here’s the next best thing! * The View is shit and the world is a fuck, no surprises there* Michael Bloomberg: Not a billionaire….but a billion-CARE* Your... Read More

034 – First Stanford, Now Meatballs

Ehhhhhh, atsamattafayou, huh?? In this episode we talk about: Thanksgiving and our families (big and small) SPOILER ALERT! MIKE IS ITALIAN!!!!!!!! LOL Obama reportedly telling close advisors privately that if Bernie Sanders had a strong... Read More

033 – Vee-agra

Hey gang! Let’s get freaking PISSED OFF! That’s right, it’s your favorite wise guys, back with another podcast where we mete out our personal vendettas on-air. This week we go after the big ones: Jim... Read More
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