035 – More Like Scrooge McFuck, imo

…you kids wanna see a dead body? Well here’s the next best thing! * The View is shit and the world is a fuck, no surprises there* Michael Bloomberg: Not a billionaire….but a billion-CARE* Your... Read More

034 – First Stanford, Now Meatballs

Ehhhhhh, atsamattafayou, huh?? In this episode we talk about: Thanksgiving and our families (big and small) SPOILER ALERT! MIKE IS ITALIAN!!!!!!!! LOL Obama reportedly telling close advisors privately that if Bernie Sanders had a strong... Read More

033 – Vee-agra

Hey gang! Let’s get freaking PISSED OFF! That’s right, it’s your favorite wise guys, back with another podcast where we mete out our personal vendettas on-air. This week we go after the big ones: Jim... Read More

032 – Straight Outta Leftovers

SPECIAL ELECTION EPISODE: They said we couldn’t do it. They said “Chris won’t get out of bed.” “Mike won’t want to smell Chris’s apartment” “Chris will get defensive about his smells.” Well guess the shit... Read More
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