025 – Uncle Joe Knows Best

March 26, 2019

Helloooooooo podcast babies, it’s your podcast daddies back AGAIN. That’s right, you have two podcast daddies now, DO NOT cry and whine and ask “where are my real parents Mike and Chris boo hoo hoo hoo” because guess the fuck what cheesebrain: I don’t know and more the fuck importantly I do NOT care.

Anyway, in this very timely and topically relevant episode that we didn’t take forever to edit (fuck you, Chris) we talk about Meghan McCain’s crocodile tears on The View (our sister show). We then talk to Eli Valley, who did an incredibly good comic about her, and also does incredibly good comics in general. Please buy his stuff, he was super cool to us and we hope we’ll talk to him again soon after he hurts the fee-fees of another shitty diaper failchild we all hate.

Finally we close the Alex Jones vs. Joe Rogan saga with Alex’s predictable appearance on Joe’s show (after he said he’d string Rogan up like a Christmas hog…………….. politically).

Talk to Eli Valley and tell him: hey buddy, sweet friggin’ work – @elivalley, and visit his site http://www.elivalley.com

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