031 – Christopher Columbus Was a Whiny Bitch and We’re Glad He’s Dead

October 15, 2019

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! That’s right folks, fuck Christopher Columbus and his dumb ugly ass. But, did you know… Christopher Columbus rode boats and drank wine with worms in it? That’s right pal: we read Peter Lucas’s article “A lot has changed since Christopher Columbus’ day” in the Boston Herald this week. 


  • Rand Paul breaks more of his ribs on live TV (for the same reason Marilyn Manson did)
  • We check out a brand-new board game brought to us by an old friend
  • A heartwarming story in a Cracker Barrel
  • We say farewell to Shep Smith by sharing an old vid of him covering a really shitty situation in Florida
  • A mildly disturbing voicemail.

OK have fun cuties

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