032 – Straight Outta Leftovers

November 2, 2019

SPECIAL ELECTION EPISODE: They said we couldn’t do it. They said “Chris won’t get out of bed.” “Mike won’t want to smell Chris’s apartment” “Chris will get defensive about his smells.” Well guess the shit what, chucklefuck, we beat the odds and gave you a fresh new ep to love and enjoy. Who’s your God now, fancy boy??

In this episode:

  • The race for Mayor in our little city of Malden, MA is next week. We sit down for a very serious, insightful, and – most importantly – real interview with our local dog catcher, Ward 3 City Councilor John Matheson. Please make sure John hears it and visit his Facebook page to say hello: https://facebook.com/MathesonForMayor/
  • Kellyanne Conway – who COULDN’T. CARE. LESS about her husband making her look stupid, btw – proves this point beyond a shadow of a doubt by melting down on the phone with a Washington Examiner reporter. We check in with the squad at The View and, later on, gag through her stand-up (?) act.
  • Our long-lost large, beautiful and widely-stanced son Beau Davidson now has a new movie credit (Don Draper on Mad Men 2).
  • Josh Hammer, a writer with every asshole’s favorite sewer, The Daily Wire, draws a correlation between the rise of polyamory and same-sex marriage. We hope he has sex very soon.

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